Privacy policy

Thank you for visiting Userbox or using our services. We at Userbox know that our users care about how their personal information is used. We therefore take privacy extremely seriously.

This policy describes the ways in which Userbox collects, stores and transfers information provided by our users on our website: By visiting or using Userbox, you agree to the terms specified in this document, and give your consent to the practices outlined in this document. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY TERM PROVIDED HEREIN, YOU MAY NOT ACCESS OR USE THE SERVICES.

1. Terms used in this document

1.1. Userbox
This website, and any services offered through it, as well as the owner of the website. This entity might also be referred to in this document as “the website”, “the service”, “our service”, “our”, “us”, or “we”.

1.2. Third party application
Any third party web application that’s connected to Userbox. This includes any tracking and analytics solutions we might employ, our payment processing vendor, and applications to which we offer integrations.

1.3. User
An individual or organization that have registered to an account on Userbox and have received access via their choice of email and password. This also includes visitors to the website. This entity might also be referred to in this document as a “Userbox account”, “user account”, “you” or “your”.

1.4. Customer
A Userbox user that had enlisted to a paid service plan, and that has paid the amount owed for the current billing cycle.

1.5. Plan
A service layer offered for a certain price for Userbox users. At the time of writing this document, the offered plans are: “Standard”, “Premium” and “Enterprise”. This entity may also be referred to in this document as “service plan”.

1.6. Service provider
A third party business or individual that we work with to fulfil some of our business goals.

2. What this document covers

This document describes the use of personally identifiable information that’s collected while visiting the Userbox website or using our services. This document does not cover the policies of other companies or of individuals not under our management. The website and services provided by Userbox may contain links to other sites. We do not control other websites and are not responsible for their privacy and security practices. When following links to other websites, you should read their privacy policies.

3. What information do we gather?

3.1. Information you provide us
When you sign up for our service, contact us via email, phone or the contact form on our website, you are voluntarily giving us information that we store and use.

Userbox stores identifiable information that is gathered during registration and updated via the various account settings sections. At the time of writing this document, the types of information collected include a user’s full name, account credentials (email address and password), preferred profile avatar, email opt in/out preference and chosen service plan.

When signing up for a paid plan, you provide us with payment details, which, together with certain identifiable information, is transferred to our payment processing vendor, Stripe. See below the section on payment processing for a description of what information is shared and why.

3.2. Information that’s collected automatically
Whenever clicking on links to pages in our website, we automatically record information about your visit, such as IP address or the time in which the page was visited. We use HTTP cookies to identify you on our website. You may modify your browser’s settings to limit the types of HTTP cookies that can be stored on your computer, but doing so might limit some of the features of our services. We use this information to improve the user experience of the website and to allow users to use our service prior to registration.

Userbox will continuously track user actions in the website, to provide users with its intended functionality.

Please note: you are not obligated to provide us with any Personal Information by law. You hereby agree and acknowledge that you are providing us with Personal Information at your own free will, for the purpose of allowing us to provide you with the service, and that we may keep such Personal Information in a database which will be maintained, and, if required, registered in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

4. How we use collected information

Userbox will never sell, rent or openly distribute personal information about its users. We use a user’s information to run the website and to provide the user with our stated service. We may also use collected information for internal analysis and research, meant to improve the services we provide to users.

Userbox reserves the right to review all data submitted by users or extracted automatically in order to enforce compliance with our terms of service, provide users with customer support and customer success services, and improve the user experience of the website or services provided by us.

We will use collected information, such as an email address, for billing purposes. This includes sending invoices or alerts in case of payment processing failures. We use a third party service called Stripe for processing payments, and all payment related information is transferred to this third party for the purpose of credit card processing. See the section below on payments for more information.

We may use information collected from submissions to our contact forms by non-registered visitors for promotional purposes. We will use email addresses collected during registration to send updates and important information to users. You may opt out of these any type of email by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email that’s sent to you.

We will also use email addresses submitted by users to contact users for support, as well as to enforce compliance with our terms of service and law requirements. These emails may be sent to users even if they opt out of receiving automated emails from our service.

Information collected during visits to website pages or using cookies stored on a user’s computer is used for user authentication on the website, as well as to personalize the application’s user interface. We also use this information to allow users to try out the application prior to signing up for the service.

5. Who we share collected information with

5.1. Payment information
See the section below on payment processing for an explanation on what information is shared with Stripe, our payment processing vendor.

5.2. Trusted service providers
Userbox may employ other companies or individuals to assist with tasks related with our business. We share limited user data with these third parties as is required for them to perform their job. Such third parties do not have any rights to use the information we share with them, beyond what is required for them to perform their job.

5.3. Compliance with law
Userbox reserves the right to access, preserve and disclose any information we believe is necessary to comply with the law, or with a court order. Userbox will transfer any data that it’s required to in order to comply with legal requirements and to protect itself from legal liability.

5.4. Ownership changes
In any case in which Userbox’s ownership structure is changed, or parts or assets of Userbox are sold, information about users (but not information about users' customers, which we do not own) may be one of the assets sold to third parties. In any such case, we will notify users in advance via email or a prominent notice on our website, that would explain what choices users have regarding their personal information.

5.5 Tracking services
We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc., to track your activity when you visit our website. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies that helps them gather information, such as whether this is the visitor’s first time on the website, the visit time and duration, and where the visitor came from. Google classifies Google Analytics data as confidential information, governed by Google's privacy policies. Google's privacy policy can be viewed at:

You can opt out of Google’s tracking cookies by turning off cookies in the preferences settings in your browser, or by using Google’s Opt-out Browser Add-on at:

For more information on Google Analytics, please visit:

We may also make use of display advertising remarketing with Google Analytics. This means that third party vendors use first and third party cookies to serve ads based on your past visits to our website.

To improve the user experience on our website, we make use of the Inspectlet web analytics service. Inspectlet may record mouse clicks and movement, scrolling and typing and uses cookies for that purpose. You can view inspectlet’s privacy policies on their website:

You may also choose to opt out of having Inspectlet track your activity with the following link:

6. Where is this information stored?

Userbox is controlled from offices based in Israel, but our servers are located solely within the EU, and provided through Amazon Web Services. Any information you submit to us will be transferred to our servers in the EU, and stored there. We may access this information from computers in Israel, or anywhere else where we or our service providers work from.

7. What type of cookies we keep on your computer?

Userbox uses a temporary session cookie that contains an identifying token and is used to authenticate requests from registered users. The cookies used by the services are created per session, do not include any information about you, other than your session key and are removed as your session ends (usually after 24 hours). Userbox also uses browser storage technologies such as HTML5 Local Storage as a cache that speeds up the online spreadsheet load time and makes navigation across the application simpler.

It is easy to prohibit the use of cookies and other browser storage technologies. Most devices will allow you to erase cookies from your device’s hard drive, block acceptance of cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored. In order to erase or disable the Local Storage option in Flash you should use the settings option of Flash according to the specific instructions provided by the technology provider. However, if you block or erase cookies, or change the settings of Flash, your experience of the services may be limited.

8. How is your information protected?

All communication with Userbox servers is done over modern encryption technologies. This includes communication between a user’s browser and any Userbox server, but also communication between Userbox servers and our payment solution. You can review the quality of our encryption with a third party service such as the following website:

Userbox employs industry best practices to improve the application’s durability against known web vulnerabilities. This is an ongoing effort, and as with any other service that’s connected to the Internet, it is an imperfect one. Transmission of information over the Internet is never fully secure, and both hardware and software failures, as well as unforeseen attack vectors, could be used to compromise users’ personal information that is stored on our servers. If you discover a vulnerability to the website or service, please let us know via email.

Contact details:

me (at) shayacrich (dot) com

If we are informed of a security breach that might affect your account or expose any of your personal data, we will notify you of that fact as soon as it is safe to do so and inform you later on of any steps we may have taken to prevent future occurrences of such intrusions.

9. How we handle payment processing

Userbox does not handle or is at any time exposed to users’ payment details, such as credit card numbers, and has no way of accessing this information. Userbox makes use of Stripe for its billing activity and for handling credit card information. All payment details submitted on Userbox are sent directly to Stripe and are handled by their platform, and governed by their privacy policy. Userbox sends Stripe all billing related information. This includes users’ emails and preferred service plans. You can read Stripe’s privacy policy on their website:

10. When do we delete information collected about a user?

Userbox will delete all information collected about a user upon request. Requests may take some time to process, as we’ll want to verify that the requesting party is indeed the owner of the account. Requests for deletion cannot be sent via email or a contact form on our website, but only through the “delete account” button on the account settings section of the website.

You, the user, can access and modify your name, email and password. You can also delete any credit card information and we will transfer these requests to Stripe, our payment processing vendor. We will present you with notifications so you’ll know whether your billing information has been successfully deleted or not.

The information that you can view and modify may change as the website changes. You may contact us by email with any queries or requests regarding viewing, alteration or removal of some or all of your information.

Contact details:

me (at) shayacrich (dot) com

11. Children

Userbox is meant for users above the age of 13. If you are under 13, please do not submit any personal information to Userbox, and do not sign up for an account. Userbox does not knowingly provide any services or gather any information from children under the age of 13, and will remove any information gathered by children unknowingly.

12. Changes to this document

Userbox reserves the right to make changes to this document from time to time. We will inform users via email ahead of time of any such changes, and will allow them to take any necessary steps to comply with our new requirements. Any user that opted out of receiving emails from Userbox is encouraged to check this document for changes frequently. Your continued use of Userbox constitutes acceptance of the latest requirements laid out in this document. The most recent and active version of this document is reflected by the version date that appears at the bottom of this document. All updates and revisions to this document are effective immediately upon publication.

If you have any questions, you may contact us at me (at) shayacrich (dot) com

This document was last updated on July 17th, 2019